We give hope for the future, one child at a time
HOPEgenesis, founded in 2015, is a Greek non-profit company operating in the health and social welfare sector, aspiring to reverse the trend of declining birth rates in Greece.

Beneficiaries and babies born

We are happy for the babies that have been born through the HOPEgenesis programme in remote areas of Greece, isolated mainland villages and outlying islands, which had little or no births before the programme started.

626babies have been born

61babies are expected

687babies in total

700families have benefited

441regions of action in Greece

24participating medical centers

Our programs make a difference

Free services to pregnant women

HOPEgenesis accepts applications from pregnant women until the eighteenth week of pregnancy or women who want to become pregnant who permanently reside in the organisation’s regions of action, and covers any emergency that may occur during pregnancy.

Free fertility treatments

Women who wish to become pregnant but face fertility issues can contact HOPEgenesis. In vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatments are provided on 28 islands and 4 Municipalities (see list) in collaboration with major fertility centres in Greece.

Fertility Awareness Campaign

HOPEgenesis in collaboration with Erietta Kourkoulou Latsi co-create the FERTILITY AWARENESS CAMPAIGN FOR GREECE program. The goal is to inform and create awareness to the general public on reproductive health issues and the financial support of women facing infertility challenges.


HOPEgenesis launches another innovative action, the Remote Medical Monitoring of beneficiaries (‘personal telemedicine’) program, through advanced bluetooth medical devices.

HOPEgenesis News

April 2024
With the support of HOPEgenesis, 44 children were born in the Dodecanese this year!
April 2024
HOPEgenesis: The actions in islands and critical areas with the aim of combating low birth rates
April 2024
Shock year for the low birth rate in Greece in 2023 - Births are in constant decline
April 2024
The birth allowance increases from 2,000 to 2,400 euros
HOPEgenesis Presentation