We give hope for the future, one child at a time


Founded in 2015, HOPEgenesis is a Greek  non-profit company operating in the health and social welfare sector, which aspires to reverse the trend of declining birth rates in Greece. 


Its aim is to make known, analyse and study the causes behind the issue of low birth rates so as to develop actions and movements that will reverse the negative birth-death ratio. 


The organisation is working and focusing on solutions to reverse the birth deficit, both at the level of local communities – so as to provide the necessary security to women who are or wish to become pregnant – and at the level of the wider social fabric, through information, awareness raising and in-depth study of the issue.


ΗΟPEgenesis fulfils its mission through the following programs:


a. Adoptions of frontier regions and remote islands: by covering all the costs of pregnancy, childbirth, transport and accommodation of pregnant women at affiliated hospitals and medical centers. These regions have a negative birth-death ratio and the women residing in these areas have limited access to medical/obstetric infrastructure. The aim of HOPEgenesis is to ensure that all women have equal rights to maternity, regardless of their place of residence and financial standing. (Click here to see the regions included in the programme)


b. Provision of in vitro fertilization (IVF) services: by covering all costs of IVF treatments for women who wish to become pregnant but face fertility issues. The program is already being implemented on 28 islands and the municipalities of Zagori, Agrafa and Argithea  (Click here to see the regions)


c. Remote medical monitoring of the program’s beneficiaries:

This is achieved through advanced and pioneering medical Bluetooth devices and a specially-designed platform, so as to ensure the safety of pregnant women and their babies at all times.


d. Preschool children’s activity centers and nursery schools: establishment, construction and staffing of preschool children’s activity centers and nursery schools in the areas where HOPEgenesis operates.


e. Conducting research: for the purpose of documenting and setting out the birth deficit issue, HOPEgenesis assigns the preparation of studies to large academic institutions. Research and record the reasons for the birth deficit in Greece.


f. Planning the “Neighborhood Nanny” program: a program that involves the staffing of subsidized children’s care facilities in order to support working mothers in urban and semi-urban areas. HOPEgenesis creates qualitative, accessible and differentiated infant and preschool children’s care services in order to help Greek women combine motherhood and employment. Planned in collaboration with the General Secretariat of Family Policy and Gender Equality, the Region of South Aegean.


g. Organization of meetings and workshops: with the aim of informing, raising awareness and training different agencies as well as the general population regarding the major demographic problem and its consequences.


h. Participation in the “Renaissance” program in frontier regions: this program aims to reinforce local communities and native populations, and is being implemented under the auspices of Η.Ε. the President of the Hellenic Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou for 2021 on the islands of Antikythera, Gavdos, Kastellorizo and the Diapontian Islands (Othonoi, Ereikoussa, Mathraki).


i.Fertility Awarness Campaign for Greece: The aim is to inform and raise awareness of the reproductive health issues and to provide financial support to women that are facing infertility issues. (Click here to see)