Founded in 2015, HOPEgenesis is a Greek  non-profit company operating in the health and social welfare sector, which aspires to reverse the trend of declining birth rates in Greece. 


Its aim is to make known, analyse and study the causes behind the issue of low birth rates so as to develop actions and movements that will reverse the negative birth-death ratio. 


The organisation is working and focusing on solutions to reverse the birth deficit, both at the level of local communities – so as to provide the necessary security to women who are or wish to become pregnant – and at the level of the wider social fabric, through information, awareness raising and in-depth study of the issue. 


ΗΟPEgenesis achieves its goals through the following pillars of action:


a.By providing full medical obstetric care to women living on frontier islands and in remote regions, who are pregnant or wish to become pregnant, completely free of charge, regardless of their financial position. (Click here to see the regions included in the programme)


b.By providing free fertility treatment services on 28 islands in collaboration with major fertility centres in Greece. (Click here to see the islands)


c.By collaborating with Universities and Scientific Organisations for the purpose of conducting scientific studies and research so as to set out the problem and maximise its solutions.   


d.By keeping the public updated and raising awareness, and by training agencies about the reasons for and consequences of a population decline.


e.Through pioneering personalised telehealth applications allowing for the remote medical monitoring of the programme’s beneficiaries.


f.By developing pioneering programmes to reinforce families and their support structures.