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HOPEgenesis launches another innovative action, the Remote Medical Monitoring of beneficiaries (‘personal telemedicine’) program, through advanced bluetooth medical devices.

It is an application designed exclusively for the beneficiaries of the organization where, through a specially designed platform, secures the safety of HOPEgenesis beneficiaries and their babies at all times. It is a mobile application that allows us to easily transfer the medical information obtained from the measurements of
the beneficiaries through the medical devices.

Each package consists of

  1. Glucoze meter ORA minidiamond
  2. Bluetooth blood pressure monitor – BPCuff.
  3. Bluetooth cardiograph device Luckome FM60/L8D

More specifically, pregnant women benefiting from the HOPEgenesis programme, who live in remote areas, will be able to record with absolute accuracy both the fetal heartbeat and their blood pressure and glucose and send the results directly to the obstetrician – gynaecologist who monitors them, in order to diagnose the well-being of the pregnant women themselves and their babies at any time.

Also through the specially designed platform they will be able to keep their personal digital medical records and schedule visits directly to their doctor.

Devices have already been provided in Astypalaea, Patmos in Agios Efstratios, Kastellizo in Kasos, Koufonissi, Fourni, Schinoussa, Sikinos, Anafi and Folegandros. The initiative is ongoing.