Terms of use

Á. Privacy Policy

The website hopegenesis.org (hereinafter “the website”) belongs to and is managed by a non profit civil partnership under the name “HOPE GENESIS”, whose main purpose is to ensure the provision of comprehensive health care via its affiliated doctors, diagnostic centres, private and public maternity hospitals and to secure the respective cost through sponsorships and/or donations until the cooperation with women living in remote island and mainland areas of Greece who either wish to get pregnant or are already pregnant has been concluded. When the visitor/user visits the present website or provides us with information through it, he recognises and agrees that he has read, understood and accepted unconditionally the practices described in the present Privacy Policy. He also accepts any special provisions or terms of use that may have been recorded in particular sections of the website. Consequently, he is kindly requested to check the content of the website for potential changes. In case of disagreement he must abstain from making use of the website and of its Content (as defined under E below).


“HOPE GENESIS” retains the right to amend the content of the website, including the terms and conditions, anytime, without prior notification, solely by uploading it to the website. The amendments on the privacy policy do not affect data that have been inserted based on a previous version of the present privacy policy. The present Privacy Policy applies solely on the website hopegenesis.org and not on the websites of other organisations, companies, partners, bodies, associations that are possibly associated to or connected to us. In addition, the present Privacy Policy refers to the online contact created between the visitor/user and “HOPE GENESIS”.


Â. Intellectual property rights

Aside from the expressly mentioned exceptions (intellectual property rights of third parties, affiliates and entities), the services and content of the website, including images, graphics, photographs, any sketches, texts, the services provided and, in general, all the documents of the website, constitute intellectual property, registered trademarks, logos, names and distinctive marks of the website and are protected by the respective legislation on trademarks and intellectual property, the provisions of Greek law, European Union law and the International Conventions. Consequently, none of the above may constitute, wholly or partially, the object of sale, copy, modification, reproduction or to be uploaded, transmitted or distributed in any way. Individual storage is excluded if performed solely with respect to one copy of part of the website’s content on a P/C (personal computer), for personal and not public or commercial use and without deletion of the indication of its origin from the website and without affecting in any way the intellectual property rights. Any other use requires prior written permission of the owner or holder of the intellectual property rights.


Services that may be mentioned in the website and bear the trademark of their respective organisations, companies, partners, bodies, associations, constitute their own intellectual property and, therefore, the respective bodies bear the responsibility.


C. Responsibility of the visitor/user.


The visitor/user of the pages and services of the website bears the responsibility for any potential damage caused to the website by misuse or improper use of the respective services.


D. Limitation of liability of hopegenesis.org with respect to the website usage – Disclaimer


The Content of the website (as defined under E below) is provided “as it is” and HOPE GENESIS makes no warranty, express or implied, with respect to the accuracy, timeliness, non infringement of the content for any use, application or purpose.


The use of the present website signifies the use of a means (Internet), which is out of the jurisdiction and control of the website. Consequently, the website, under any circumstances, including cases of negligence, is not responsible for any kind of damage suffered by the visitor/user of its pages, services, options and content of the website, to which he proceeds on his own initiative, with knowledge of the present terms and therefore under his sole responsibility. In addition, HOPE GENESIS does not guarantee that the pages, services, options and content will be provided without interruption, without errors, that the mistakes will be corrected or that replies will be provided to all the submitted queries, apart from cases where a contract has been concluded between HOPE GENESIS and each beneficiary. Likewise, hopegenesis.org does not guarantee that the website or any other related internet site or servers, through which the website’s content is made available to the visitors/users, is provided without “viruses” or other damaging elements, either with respect to the website or another website or a server through which the visitor/user receives its content. The cost of any potential rectification or similar services is borne by the visitor/user and in no event the website.


Å. Non provision of medical advice – Exclusion of liability of HOPE GENESIS.


The present website via its Content (as defined immediately below) does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or cure to each visitor/user. Moreover, HOPE GENESIS undertakes solely the coordination between the pregnant or interested in becoming pregnant woman (hereinafter the “beneficiary” or the “interested”) and the doctor who undertakes to monitor her, with the aim to constitute, solely for the benefit of the beneficiary, the communication link between them for the commencement of their cooperation and the assistance of the beneficiary until the conclusion of their cooperation.


Moreover, the content of the website, as well as any articles or studies published therein, the texts, the graphics, the images and the information presented by their authors, affiliates or third parties and any other material that forms part of the website (hereinafter the “Content”) are intended solely for information purposes.


The Content does not substitute the professional medical consultation, the medical visit, the gynaecological or other examination, para-clinical examinations, the diagnosis and cure. The visitor/user/beneficiary/interested is obliged to always seek the consultation of a professional, or, where applicable, of the doctor referred to by HOPE GENESIS, regarding anything of concern with respect to his/her health or, where applicable, during the prenatal diagnosis, during pregnancy, labor and/or infertility treatment and in general in the course of the collaboration with HOPE GENESIS. The visitor/user/beneficiary/interested shall never disregard a medical advice or postpone asking the opinion of specialized doctor via the website, because of an article he/she read on the website.


In the event he/she is of the opinion that there is a case of medical emergency, he/she is obliged to contact immediately his/her doctor and for the cases of beneficiaries of the website, with her doctor or with immediate medical assistance (166). The website, through its Content does not propose or recommend specific medical examinations, procedures, opinions or other information that may be referred to in its Content.


The website, its authors, affiliated persons or third parties referred to in the website may not, in any case, be held liable for any damage, including death, that may have been the result of the use or incorrect use of the website’s Content. It is hereby clarified that the reciprocal obligations that are created between HOPE GENESIS and each beneficiary after the submission by her, through the website, of the electronic contact form addressed to HOPE GENESIS, are regulated through specialised contracts that are conducted between HOPE GENESIS and each interested/beneficiary.


F. Links to other websites


The website does not verify the availability, content, privacy policy, quality and completeness of the services of other websites and pages that it may refer to through links, hyperlinks or of other websites that may contain a link to the present website. For any problem that may occur during the visit/use of these websites the visitor/user shall address directly the respective websites and pages, which are also responsible for the provision of their services. The website shall in no case be considered as endorsing or accepting the content or services of the websites and pages to which it refers or that it is in any way related to them. Therefore, as a consequence of the above, the visitor/user recognises and agrees that the website is not liable for the availability of the websites of third parties and that it does not adopt neither is liable or accountable for the content, advertising, products or other materials available or offered by these websites. Moreover, he recognises and agrees that hopegenesis.org is not liable or accountable, directly or directly, for any damage or loss that is the result, or allegedly the result or is connected with the use or the support to the content, advertisement, products or other materials that are available or offered by these websites.


G. Newsletters


The newsletters that the visitor/user/interested/beneficiary of the website’s services receives following his subscription to the mailing lists constitute intellectual property of the website and, therefore, are protected by the respective provisions of the Greek legislation and International Conventions. The website maintains the right to refuse the registration and to remove a person to and from the mailing lists.


Ç. General terms and conditions of use


The use of the website is made available by HOPE GENESIS according to the following terms and conditions.

1. The visitor/user/interested/beneficiary agrees that he will make use of the present website solely for legitimate purposes and in a way that will not violate the rights, nor limit or prohibit the use and enjoyment of the website by any third party. Messages displaying any of the following attributes are prohibited in their entirety:

• Illegal, harmful content such as defamatory, abusive, violent, vulgar, pornographic or in violation of the personality and privacy of third parties.

• Content that is harmful to minors.

• Content contrary to the morals and public order.
• Content that constitutes spam (non requested commercial communication – advertisement).

• Direct or indirect promotional advertisments and promotions of persons, products or services in general.
• Insulting or humiliating references to natural persons or legal entities or to protected distinctive marks (trademarks, trade names, distinctive titles of businesses etc.), the interception or the violation in general of the privacy of third parties (such as publishing or collecting and/or storing personal data of other users), the imitation of any legal or natural person or a false statement about the user’s identity.

• Publication or reference to links with illegal software or methods of elimination of software protection, as well as any other content (images, music files etc.) in violation of intellectual property rights.
• Content or files that contain harmful material (viruses etc.)
• References or links to other websites with illegal or harmful content.

I. Damage – Compensation

The visitor/user/interested/beneficiary understands and accepts that he retains the exclusive responsibility to compensate the website and its affiliates for any legal dispute that may occur between him and third parties due to the content that he provides for posting, publishing or other transfer through the website’s services.

J. Applicable Law and other terms

The above mentioned terms and conditions of use of the website, including any amendments, change or alteration are governed and complemented by Greek law, European Union law and the International Conventions. Any provision of the above terms which is rendered against the law ceases immediately to have effect and is removed from the present terms, without effect to the validity of the remaining terms.

The present consists an entire agreement between the website and the visitor/user of its pages and services and binds solely these parties. None amendment of these terms is taken into account and does not form part of the present agreement, if not expressed in writing and expressly incorporated in the agreement.

In case the present terms and conditions are not acceptable in their entirety, the usage of the present website must be cease immediately.